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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. From today D/Telegraph
    Nurse! Sick bucket please.
  2. RTFQ


    Is anyone else DEEPLY concerned about what those brainless imbeciles in charge of childrens' education is doing to the next generation (not Star Trek)?

    The major influences on a child's 'fragile little mind' seem to be TV, Playstation, idiot left-wing no hopers who can't cut it in the real world (aka teachers) and their amazingly stupid chav school friends. An overworked, stressed parent sacrificing his/her time to pay a mortgage worthy of Louis XVI cannot hope to compete with this Playground Axis of Evil.

    Or am I being paranoid?
  3. Damn*! There goes my whole belief system!

    They aren't?

    Isn't it??

    Does this mean that the www.army.mod.uk website will also be proscribed?

    Oh no! Kids finding things amusing! STOP THEM!

    Do they need this support that badly? Is this the area where they make most mistakes? Are we to assume that teachers are perfect in all other areas?

    *Now banned. I meant 'Shucks!' of course.
  4. No not paranoid, they are out to get everyone. I am glad I don't subscribe to this kind of mindless sh1t but I fear for my sisters children as they are at the age where chavdom is just around the corner, the town is bordering on Chav central, one parent doesn't give a fcuk about what the kids are being taught and niether have interest of moving to save the children from this.

    As far as the article is concerned, the Teaachers union have condemed them as "Modernisation gone mad".
  5. RTFQ


    A serious problem is the fact that the teaching of Religious Studies, Citizenship etc etc (I forget the correct name of the subject) is left to the newbie teachers. My sister, gawd bless her naive socks, is a teacher and explains how these lessons become basically 'jiff-jobs' - anyone of the new teachers with space in their schedules is jiffed with doing them, or whomever stays too long in the staff room.

    In her exact words: "how am I supposed to teach a class of bored 15 year olds about the tenets of Islam or Hinduism with 15 minutes preparation?"

    they have these vu-foil packs that are written for (and probably by) the mentally deficient providing a numpty's guide to <insert: Religion / Citizenship / Human Rights / Democracy / Society / Why Mugging OAPs is Bad etc>

    that's how the kids are learning about these things, from ill-prepared, inexperienced teachers working from inadequate source material. Being teachers, they are prone to pad the lessons out with 'opinion' (ie what they learn't from the Daily Mail/Express - eg. "Princess Diana (Queen of Hearts) really liked the funny elephant god from Hinduism" or "Princess Diana (Queen of Loveliness) didn't like the birqua because it stopped people seeing her pretty toes")

    Massive localised unemployment (eg Longbridge) + poor immigration policy + utter, state sponsored ignorance of religion and culture on all sides are going to make the next 20 years a REALLY interesting chapter in UK history. Can't wait.

    Jeez I'm angry today. Sorry :oops:
  6. They could have bent over a long way...unless the 'Princess of all Our Hearts' had toes growing out of her head...which would certainly explain a few things.

    Anyway, I agree - this sort of nannying really pi$$es me off as well. If I want to label all Jews as moaning gits, and all Muslims as towel headed bomb-happy lunatics, then I bloody well shall.

    Just not in Army time **ahem ahem**
  7. Things aint what they used to be.
  8. And try and tell kids that these days, they just won't believe you.
  9. What the hell are they calling the Old Testament now?
  10. My darling ‘woolly-minded-liberal’ older sister no longer teaches, though is still 'in' education, and whilst she was teaching (primary) was made Head of Literacy (her specialty) and somewhat bizarrely, Head of Religious Education (she’d not studied it since age 13 & as I recall she decided at age 11 that all religion was bollox). She too had to teach from these politically-correct 'fact packs' and hated it with a passion.
  11. Whatever happened to our Anglo-saxon society? 8O

    Does anyone care when our sensibilities are offended? :?

    The education system is an ongoing experiment anyway - without a control or a clear objective. If I have kids they will be going private and I'll live of Beans on Toast if I have to! :twisted: :twisted:
  12. RTFQ


    Unfortunately, private does not necessarily mean better Loggie, my sis is at a private school. A pretty damn expensive one. It may not have the overwhelming scale of the problems seen in some state schools, but ALL the problems are still there - inadequate teachers, lack of funds, violence amongst the kids and towards teachers, wishy washy 'initiatives' and fads, ritilin-anaethetised pseudo-kids. By no means is it an anglo saxon stronghold either, it's all demographic-related, there are large parts of the asian/african/ME community that have, by hard work or inheritance, a significant amount of personal wealth. Their emphasis on providing a good education for their children means that those who can, certainly don't send their kids to inner city state schools. You only have to look at the mixed population of any school now to realise how multi cultural this country is going to become in the next decade or two. This brings me back to my original point - cultural and religious studies need to be a meaningful and erudite experience, not a long-haired tree hugging plea to 'just love each other and listen to bob dylan' because the kids won't buy it.
  13. Dump PC, bring back the cane and use it on the idiots who come up with these ideas. The silly season is upon us once again.
  14. Perhaps if the teachers themselves were interested in learning they'd have something to teach the children? Surely it can't take more than half an hour in a library (schools still have those don't they?) to learn for yourself the basics of any religion from the Encyclopaedia Britannica and thus avoid having to rely on state-sponsored cr@p.
    One thing that really irritated me at school was the teacher who obviously didn't care very much for knowledge him/herself. How are they supposed to get kids interested. These invariably tended to be the types that wore jeans to work and thought ties were for other people. The older generation of teachers (fast retiring when I left) knew stuff and could dress themselves and generaly got more respect than the "just call me Pete" brigade.
  15. I'm sure they speak highly of you too :lol: :lol: