Holy-goaster Chinese-crackered! What now!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bugsy, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Dear ARRSErs,

    A true catastrophe has been visited upon the Bugsy household! Our holy-goaster is Donald Ducked.

    To explain: we've actually got two holy-goasters - one's the normal "Martin-Baker" type, and one's a very special one I bought in a second-hand shop in Reggio Calabria in southern Italy about 20 years ago. It must have been pretty old even then, since I found a sticker on the bottom that said: "Property of N. Bonaparte, Elba".

    What was so special about this device was that it didn't propel your holy-ghost at the ceiling at a rate of knots, but rather, when finished, elegantly dropped it out to the side at an angle of about 45 degrees. This meant that you just laid your bread slices - or even more importantly your muffins or crumpets - onto a gentle incline and closed them up into the machine. And when they were done to perfection, you just reached in and removed them without any danger of sizzling your fingers on the edge. A marvellous invention!

    Now, I'm particularly fond of toasted muffins and crumpets.Unfortunately, our normal machine offers the usual hazards when trying to retrieve these delicacies from its deep slots, so what I'm looking for is a worthy replacement for our venerable "holy-ghoster".

    The machine was originally made by a firm by the name of "Barchini", but I couldn't unearth anything at all on t'inernet about them. I was also unsuccessful in finding such a device at all. It seems the "Martin-Baker" holy-ghoster has conquered the world.

    So, my question/plea to fellow ARRSErs is: does anybody know where I can get something to do the job in this day and age?

    What I'm looking for is a holy-ghoster that has two sections which open out to the side and have to be closed and re-engaged to start the holy-ghosting process.

    It's not that I'm at my wit's end, but if a corresponding device is available and you know about it, please gizza shout!

  2. Can't help there Bugsy, am a do it under the grill man myself. Prefer to keep an eye on it so it's done exactly as i like it.
    Get the grill on and get on your knees man!
  3. If you want a tip-top-toaster then be prepared to spend out 150 soves or more. It seems a lot but my expensive machine is in its tenth year of service, still prepares muffins and crumpets as well as toast GS. Duralit is the brand and then you takes your choice...Under the grill is just wrong...
  4. Saves me £150 though!
  5. I managed to get one of those pull down types that you see in cafes for doing paninis in etc, fcuk knows what the name of the place where i got it was but its the bollox!
  6. www.toaster.org 8O

    I know the type you mean Bugsy, I've got one somewhere, its French, very retro and stylish, but functionally, a bit crap. (Theres a metaphor there somewhere! :wink: )
    They probably dont make them anymore, as the design is inherently unsafe. What you may like, is a little counter-top toaster-oven.
  7. you don't need a toaster, just fry the egg and put it between to bits of ordinary bread (with SAUCE, BROWN)
  8. What saving, you end up with shaggy toast and it all goes tits!