Holy Brothel by Michael Yon


On March 2, an American Special Forces team along with Iraqi SWAT (ISWAT) moved on a terrorist cell near Tal Afar.
The enemy was well prepared. Muzzles flashed from different locations. The fighting continued until nine enemy were killed and eight suspects captured.
The few remaining serious troublemakers are being hacked off and mulched in these incessant operations, which gives the enemy no rest (in the old days, when they were murdering Iraqis and Americans by the thousands, AQI used Tal Afar for training and R&R). These types of terrorists used to lay up with prostitutes in downtown Tal Afar, which isn’t so uncommon...
What would you expect? These AQ terrorists are amoral guys.

...– for years brothels have been an excellent source of information against al Qaeda from Mosul to Baghdad.
Of course.

The al Qaeda terrorists don’t save themselves for the seventy two virgins promised to suicide bombers. They love drugs, prostitutes, and the power of the gun.
By contrast Western warriors don't use drugs, hate prostitutes and don't believe in the power of the gun.

The gay al Qaeda informant in Moment of Truth in Iraq is classic. Whenever his al Qaeda lovers abused him, he supplied American forces information to kill them.
The guy (I mean the gay) should be decorated by an order or medal.

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