HolsforHeroes - Anyone know about Blandford Camp Open Day?


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It occurred to me, as there are a few arrsers here in Dorset and nearby, that we might blag a stall at the Blandford Camp Open Day this year.

It's usually in August, I believe.

Does any arrser know the date, and better still have a contact name / details for the Organisers?

Now we have the stock, posters, and experience, it seems like a good fundraising opportunity if we can manage it.

Ok I'm looking in to this, but the HIve at Blandford still know nothing about it. I have been given the garrison staff officer's name and number and will be calling him at some stage today and find out more information, if anyone esle knows anything then please either add to this thread or pm me.

I will do, Did we get given a date? There is apparently something going on this weekend and something else going on in September. Which may be things we can take the Sgt too. I have also had an idea, but I will get some information on it and when we all catch up next will mention it then.


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