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Hols4Heroes - TO Lapel Badge - ends 25th April


Book Reviewer
With many thanks to The_Highway_Man I am pleased to offer for auction this rather natty lapel badge in the form of a TO Landrover.

The auction will eed at noon next Sunday, 25th April, and I'll post it to the winner. As usual all proceeds go to MDN's fund for sending Hamsters on Holidays.


This pin is a must for the HATOs that peruse ARRSE. They are the last ones from the batch produced by myself (slabber) over on National Traffic. No more of the Land Rover will be made, so this is the last chance to get your hands on one. ;)


Book Reviewer
thanks for the pic and the BUMP, Highway_Man.

These pins are rather lovely, so I'll make the first bid of a crisp fiver. (I spent too much on buying booze for that bear in parts east and south to afford more!)
These pins have proven to be very popular. I only ordered 50 to start with, I'n now approaching sales of 300 and I'm still getting requests for them. ;)
I can't believe I take a couple of days off sick, to find Sluggy cornering the market in auction items.

Surely someone must want this lovely badge more than the Snail?
I'd leave her to it, these auctions are doing wonders for her liver. After her stay down in the Falklands where drink is dirt cheap it's going to give her liver time to recover. ;)

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