Hols4Heroes - Special Veteran Coin No 9 - ends 17.2.10


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Unexpectedly back on the market!

Special Veteran Coin engraved 'Hols4Heroes 9'.

One of only 10 coins to have the inscription "Hols4Heroes" on it, making it almost unique.

This is what it looks like (just with a different number):

The auction will run for one week, ending at noon UK time on Wednesday 17th February.

Proceeds to the February Grovel, or indeed the next two cases which have arrived on MDN's desk.


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I'll start with a nice crisp £20, seeing as that is where the last Auction ended


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Thank you, Legs.

The Legs Bear is in my possession and will be auctioned after a modelling session at the weekend. Be afraid, be very afraid!


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That chap is very generous. Any better offers?


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Small BUMP to catch any possible evening bidders.

Every bid is welcome!
because it's only "almost unique"£35


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almost is good enough ....

Thank you for your bid!
Apologetic bump!

I forgot to thank Gundulph and MittMayo for their support and providing these coins. Sorry!
Morning - calling number nine, your bump is up!
by request - auction end date added to header.

Thanks for all the fab bids so far, folks.
8O we may as well sort it out now 8) one left jab off PARA REG and everyone naffed off :twisted:
They're lulling you into a false sense of security 263A.

Watch this space!
Ok :bball:
So, with Chris951 who may be a signalman ..... for £40

(don't they work the trains???)
Thank you, Jarrod. I'll be auctioning 'your' bear soon.....
jarrod248 said:
Grownup_Rafbrat said:
Thank you, Jarrod. I'll be auctioning 'your' bear soon.....
I hope the manhood is of an appropriate size.
Being a lady, I'm in no position to judge!

And being a lady, even if I were, I wouldn't talk about it ....
Still at £45 with jarrod, folks....

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