Hols4heroes sitrep (July)


War Hero
In two days we've paid £8073 in flights to Easyjet and Jet2, bigger bonus being Ryannair got nothing!

This has enabled an additional 9 families to get away for a much needed break, guests varying from Widows, amputees, gunshot & trauma victims to a bloke who up until last year was homeless and well and truly on his arse.

August is a horribly expensive time and with Spain currently being on its hoop every penny has to be spent cautiously. Justin, the Hols4heroes dude in country is rushed off his feet running round after our broken bods.

We've just had this in, ignore the spelling, he's a guardsmen and got fragged in the head.

In 2011 my vehicle was hit by an IED in Sangin, north Helmand. I was left with a brain injury, blind right eye & deaf right ear, but I'd say the hardest of the we as a family had to deal with was the PTSD.
When your injured, charity's are falling over themselves to help you an get your picture in there magazine or on there website. An would never involve your partner or children in any activity or event.
In the tail end of 2013 I was told whilst at headley court that I should drop Holidys4Heroes an email, I'd been wanting to take my children an wife away for a long time, but until treatment is finished, insurance company's won't pay a thing, so we where in no position to afford a caravan holiday, never mind abroad. So I emailed Holidays4Heroes an one of the reps rang me an asked " when would you like to go"?
I was amazed, they'd send me an email full of information on where we would be staying, I couldn't believe it. La Torre Golf Resort, we looked online an it was a 5 star resort. I ask things like "where is good to hire a car? Do I need transfers to an from the airport"?
Holidays4Heroes covered every single detail. They flew us out from Manchester airport an we landed in Murcia, we was then greeted my a very friendly rep from Holidays4Heroes who helps an assists the family's over in Spain.
We arrived in the beautiful complex with golf courses, bars, restaurants an pools everywhere, we even had are own massive pool.
I then left my wife to settle in while my children quickly connected their gadgets to the wifi provided an then jumped in the pool, while I when shopping with the rep, I thought we was going to need 2 trolleys the amount of food an drink we had, an once again, at the check out, as I was thinking in my head, how much is this gonna cost, holidays4heroes stepped in and saved any embarrassment.
Anywhere we wanted to go, Justin would take us, the beach, waterpark an more than once gave us an envelope with euros in so we didn't have to worry about lunch, entry and ice creams.

I'd like to thank holidays4heroes for helping me reconnect with my family, I felt for a long time I'd pushed them away an that things may never be the same. The holiday was just what the doctor ordered, an you've helped us more than you'll ever know.

St**** (******
Welsh Guards

At some stage over the weekend I'll put up a few more thankyou's and testimonials, sometimes its easy to forget the thank the people that make all this possible, and for that I apologise.

We've had an enormous leg up with the above flights from a former site member who is exhausting his contact list of high rollers, but it goes to show that every single penny counts.

Bank account is back to empty as it should be, we are still in the belief if we have cash in the account we're doing something wrong as there is always a bloke either in the shit somewhere or a broken bod needing a trip.

Thankyou to all, more regular sit reps and site updates to follow.
Quickie just in, Wheelchair bound chap, wife and two kids.

Spinal injuries stemming back to (Herrick) Iraq just prior to the withdrawal. Blast injuries.

Can we help him get away?

We need to raise about £680

HSBC - 40-12-09
ACCT- 41416081