Hols4Heroes: Signed book 'From SAS to Blood Diamond Wars'- ends 03/08/11

In this auction you get a once in a lifetime chance to get the book

'From SAS to Blood Diamond Wars'

dedicated to 'Holidays4Heroes' and signed by the following:


The Book is brand new and unread.
The reserve on this fabulous book is £50.

This is what the cover looks like:

The auction will run for a week.

So please make your bids before

Wednesday, 3rd of August, 1800 hrs.

( Just to make sure, this is UK time. )

All proceeds to Holidays4Heroes, please help those who have given so much.

Thank you for your support !

Special thanks to those mentioned above, who donated and signed the book. :thumright:

By bidding or taking part in the auctions in any way, you approve tacitly the Auction Rules.

Former trooper mixes with the stars
Thursday, July 10, 2008


Fred Marafono, right, with Daniel Craig, centre, and Jeferrey Wright

Former Special Air Services Fred Marafono is mixing it with Hollywood stars such as Daniel Craig and Jeffrey Wright.

The man from Pepjei in Rotuma runs his own company in Sierra Leone.

His namesake Fred Kauata Marafono, who works for Fiji Gas, said the elder Marafono was one of the first Fijians to be drafted into the British Army.

"The last we heard he was running his own security company in Sierra Leone," said Mr Marafono.

He said it was very likely Fijian officers serving with the United Nations had met him. On his association with film stars he said one time his namesake told him that his name appeared on the credits of a movie.

"He came back to Fiji in 1987 to spend Christmas with his family at home in Rotuma. He always finds the oddest of times to call me and it is either at 2am or 3am. His movements are also at some of the oddest of times and when you least expect it."

Mr Marafono said when he did some work for another Fijian SAS officer, Takavesi of Vanuabalavu, he asked him how he was related to Fred.
Indication of source: Former trooper mixes with the stars - Fiji Times Online
65 squids.


Congratulation, Gadgwah !!

For £65 this unique signed book is yours.

Thank you for supporting Hols4Heroes.

Same to everyone else who bid as well.
And a BIG thanks to the authors for signing and donating the item.

Please transfer the money to the following account:

Bank: Holidays4heroes
Sort: 40-12-09
Acct: 41416081

IBAN: GB29MIDL40120941416081
Swift: MIDLGB2120G

And afterwards please PM me confirmation details of the payment
and the address you want to have your book sent to.​
Payment Made, Should be in their account today.

Who do I PM my address to?

Note to self! Read the effing post,)

PM on way YIM



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