Hols4heroes (Rugby gizzit) 08/12


England Capt (2003) lifting the world cup in Australia, personally signed.

Photographed signing it for authenticity.

Framed and glazed and an awesome piece of Rugby history.

Apols to GRB & Yes its me for storming in with this one, am under strict conditions on this one.

Auction ends at 19:00hrs Tuesday 8th.


Book Reviewer
H4H we've had a request to include the dates auctions are ending in the thread title.

Folk are starting to get confused as to which are still current, as winners post to say their items have arrived from the previous batch of auctions whilst the current batch continues.

Would you mind doing a quick update please? YIM's doing all of the Auction Team ones, except the MDN bear one, which I've done.

We're asking Pararegtom to change the titles of his various auctions too.

Anything that helps people to spend their money quicker! Op Santa needs it!



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