Hols4heroes (Plea for terminally ill soldier)

Fresh case in yesterday.

Serving soldier at the very end of a difficult Afgan tour noticed his weight loss was considerably more than his oppos.

He went to the med centre and upon further investigation he received the worst news, Cancer and terminal.

Obviously he on leave and under treatment to extend his life as much as possible, the blokes got two very very young children and a devoted and loving wife.

I need to get him away in the next week.

Obviously, July the flights aren't cheap. I've sorted accomodation, squarde away med cover and medication administration etc, I need a rally round to cover flights etc.

Target is set at £786.34 I know its a tall one, but this bloke will be getting a holiday and some memories for his family.

PLease dig deep people, I'#ve spoken to him at length, typical good egg, accepting whats coming his way in terms of his illness, hence me wanting to get him away before it grips him further.

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Sitrep to follow later in the day.
Fook. Was just about to order some new trainers. I think they can wait. Pennies sent.
Absolutely brassic at the minute but expecting a big payment shortly. If it arrives in time I'll throw a few quid in.

(replying so this shows up in my 'show replies' and reminds me when it does come in)
Transfer done

All the best to the poor bloke

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My mortguage didnt get paid last month thanks to Twatwest so ill chip in a few bob as they wont request it till end of this month.give the lad the best hol of his life!!
I'll see if our client has any new ones, he won't need them shortly!! :D

Size 9 please and what's his Missus look like? All joking aside, what fooking shite news for anyone let alone a young lad.
DDPFM* paid in.

*Dead Dog's Pet Food Money.
Couple of squids in, give him a good one
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