Hols4heroes (Parachute Regt Shiney shiney)

2 x Hand carved Parachute Regt wooden carvings.

Just over A4 in size and exceptional quality, hand crafted by roadside chogies from magic wood.

Auction ends Saturday evening at 19:00 hrs
Do you have any piccies Porridge Gun? (Can't see any here, but I'm not sure if it's the company intranet blocking them.)
70 notes. Will take it on the next .50 range. :twisted:
Thanks Rock Ape - for some reason I can now see the original as well. Not quite my taste, but it looks better quality than the susual stuff.
Porridge_gun said:
shortarms said:
70 notes. Will take it on the next .50 range. :twisted:
And miss? :D
I believe I hit the target with all the weapons I fired. :D

Unlike yourself who couldnt even load the thing. :oops:

...along with the Oz "a dingo really did eat my baby and not the shrimps i'd just chucked onto the barbie...

...honest!" hat.

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