Hols4Heroes - Organised Drowning

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by .Dolly, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. Many months ago Flowers and I thought it might be a hoot to sign up to the Great North Swim. With the latest reports of the Lake Windermere's 15 degree water temperature we're beginning to see the foolishness of our enthusiasm.

    In light of the prospect of nipples like scammel wheelnuts it's only right that Holidays for Heroes should benefit from our endeavour.

    Despite most friends, family and colleagues legging it as soon as I enter the room from several years now of begging cash for good causes I'm delighted with the £55 secured so far but hope the good folk of ARRSE might swell the coffers further. After all, swimming a mile in open, freezing water will definitely seem shorter and warmer knowing those deserving of Hols4Heroes assistance will get it. And you'll get a slice of that warm fuzzy feeling to boot.

    Please help us to help them, the 12th is fast approaching!

    For the right pledge there is potential for photos our our purple headed........ swimming capped swedes.

    (Also, should we drown it means that we definitely weren't witches! :D )

  2. BUMP..........

    C'mon you mean b*ggers, dig deep, you know where the money goes with this one :)

    Well done girls, tis no mean feat swimming in Lake Windermere, I've experienced it. Brrrrrrrrrrr 8O
  3. Come on you buggers, chuck a couple of quid in the pot PLEASE!! As per the Helvellyn 'adventure' posing with items could potentially be arranged... (please no-one suggest posing with a dildo etc as this event is televised!)

    Also if anyone else is having a bash at the Great North Swim it might be grand to meet for a swift G&T afterwards! :-D
  4. Ooh thanks FMP, much appreciated.

    Plus i've just wrested a tenner from the grasp of an insurance broker, result! :D
  5. Ooh 'ello missus, great minds and all that!

    I've got the goose grease :wink:
  6. I can personally vouch for the fact that Windermere is cold as fcuk.

    Tenner inbound, but only if you sponsor me right back for the Great North Run, also for Hols4Heroes. :wink:
  7. From one Dolly to another as you know I am up that end mate, let me know if you need a hand I will certainly bob along with space blankets, alcohol fueled hot chocolate, G&T etc and while im there im sure I could mange some ££s aswell.
  8. Mmmm, encouraging! Anyone got a thermal dry suit they can lend me? Oh, and one of those dive motor thingys?

    MLP we've got a deal.

    I just hope Nessie doesn't go to the Lake District on holiday.
  9. Nice one, being a Cumbrian scumbag myself, I may come and have a skeg too.
  10. I could probably appropriate a couple of DPV's from our kit room.....

    got some very fetching drysuits too but suspect swimming in them would be a challenge (drowning on the other hand a distinct possibility as they dont currently have seals attatched).
  11. Sponsorship to the main Hols4Heroes account?
  12. Yes, you can also add an abusive/encouraging message!
  13. Thanks for that mate! We'll not be getting too cold (I hope), should be in and out pretty quickly. It's the rolling maul of getting into the water which should be interesting!! :-D

    If the water temp is over 15 degrees, then potentially .dolly and myself could be persuaded (in the form of a healthy donation) to swim without wetsuits... have to be a chuffing generous persuasion though!!!!!!!!!!
  14. D86 - offers of that nature definitely won't be passed up if you're not too far. Knowledge of CPR might also be handy. Flowers and I have accom near Patterdale so plan on scooting back there once formalities are over, for a warming up before heading to the pub for sustenance.

    MLP - fancy aiding D86 in working the crowd for cash and being our kit-bag bitch?

    S_A - cheers! Think I may pass on the seal-less drysuits though; not sure if could get away with a DPV. Do they come in miniature that could be concealed?

    CavCpt - yes please, main account mit thoughtful, motivational message on here? Thankyouthankyou :)
  15. 'Fraid not, ours are big sandy coloured things and flippin noisy too.