Hols4heroes (May quickie)

Royal Engineer, injured in a blast (Head injuries)

Still undergoing regular treatment but has a gap between nuerologists mid June.

He cannot fly due to injuries, very humble, unassuming but accomplished and professional soldier, needs to get a break in the Lakes with his parents (carers)

I've looked at lodges etc and the times and need to raise about £470 to cover rentals, travel etc.

Can you help, I know he's a wedge but he does seem ok.

Sort: 40-12-09
Acct: 41416081

Go on you slags, give us a lift. His mum (also unwell) is his carer and its obviously taken its toll on her too.
I`ve got a bit spare as well....will be in the a/c shortly.....but it`s for his Mam, OK? As long as that is understood!!

Good luck to him.

Notified from bank, that the cash will be there in two hours. Good luck!
Is the mum a looker?

Few quid inbound

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Too early on a saturday morning for folks?


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paypal thingy?
I've just coughed up the £60 for the book about the Falklands and added a bit extra, so you shouldn't need much more now.

Slug Hugs xxx
I don't believe this one is a genuine case.

Since when has it been possible for a sapper to suffer head injuries (that would be noticable to anyone else)? They all look as though their face has caught a couple of IEDs and the contents of their heads more than dense enough to withstand any blast.

Photos of the mum, naked, on Striding Edge or it never happened and you spent the cash on skanky whores (note that I say "spent" and not "wasted").

Cash inbound.

You cunt.
My bank is making it's online experience better for me and will be back to normal service Monday.
So what's the issue with the paypal?

Agree with Dread, we want to see what you really spend the cash on. And the list for transactions documented.
The Hamsters have been relocated to secure housing for protection.

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