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Hols4heroes (May plea)

Firstly thankyou again to all who assisted in the last, really quite saddening plea.

Unfortunately I'm casting the bowl out again, whislt a different type of case, its an equally horrible time for the family involved and treatment and ongoing care only allow me a small window of opportunity.

With whats left over from the last scrounge I need £766 to make this case happen and get the family away and also give them the assistance they need when they return.

It is a fast ball and I need to act before Friday, so am against the clock.

PLease also see the mug thread, I've ordered them so will be blagging payment as soon as possible.

HSBC - Holidays4heroes
SOrt: 40-12-09
acct: 41416081

Thanks people, sitreps to follow


Book Reviewer
A bit into the pot.

And as I said I would put £25 into H4H if sebcoe managed to live on £53 a week for a month, I put that on top of my usual donation...

Really struggling on this one folks.

Many thanks to all that have dug out blind, massively appreciated.

Lets not see this as the first one that hasn't worked.

£391 required......

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