Hols4heroes (July/Aug) begging plea

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hols4Heroes, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Hols4Heroes

    Hols4Heroes War Hero Good Egg (charities)

    Its been a busy old summer, Le Torre has been over run by cripples, spaz's, blokes on hard times and people with sob stories. Ians been rushed off his feet, and having a bloke permanently on the ground has proved priceless.

    Many thanks to Gremlin for getting our 4th vehicle from Folkestone to the shippers, it arrived on resort yesterday and was put to use last night picking up a widow and what's left of her family.

    We've now got seven properties on semi permanent let with a further six in Tenerife.

    There has been some top level fund raising going on, MWL946, Bumper and several others who I won't humiliate, speechless at your selfless efforts, thankyou from me, but more importantly from the blokes and their families who have benefitted as a result of your campaigning.

    I won't drone on as there is as usual a plea for wedge. I've got the family of a terminally ill soldier who I'd like to get away and three or four welfare cases that would make lesser men blub. I won't go into details but if you@ve got a couple of quid to spare it would help me get them put to bed.

    If anyone has a cure for cancer it would help massivley, it costs us fortunes. At least lost limbs grow back and you can play tricks with false legs / Arms etc, but cancer is a cnut and it kills you to death.

    I promise I'll try my best to get the newsletter finished, but my priority is getting blokes sorted.

    I've got a week to auction / raffle off, details to follow.

    Paypal: info@holidays4heroes.org

    Acct name: Holidays4heroes
    Sort code: 40-12-09
    Account number: 41416081
  2. Money on its way next week when I come into a little extra cash. Hope it can wait until then?

  3. Hols4Heroes

    Hols4Heroes War Hero Good Egg (charities)

    Along with Bumper and MWL, add Pararegtom and Banker to the list of good eggs. PRT for his never ending campaigning and Banker for being the voice of reason behind a hair trigger northern clown who often thinks with heart and not head, great bloke for a pikey cnut :D

    Will try and get a detailed sitrep and some figures at some stage over next coupe of days, until then cough up you slags.
  4. The usual piddling amount sent! Hope it helps, you hamster shagger
  5. aye, fook off cuntychops
    kids pocket money incoming
  6. Can not allow this to appear on page 2 so back to the top of page 1 hopefully
  7. Hols4Heroes

    Hols4Heroes War Hero Good Egg (charities)

    If we can get £100 in next hour I will post pics of a game of Bollocky golf on a £100 per game course, our tour guide dressed as a chick, and the father of a lad killed in Afgan recently that mullered he's bollocky on top of a Transit van
  8. Sorted. Have you got my new address?
  9. Money in the HSBC account tomorrow, Hols, and you don't need to ask how many sheds I had to burn for it either, lets just say that wooden garden type buildings will be a thing of the past very soon, mwuhahahahahaha.
  10. Won some crappy bear on one of the auctions recently. The 35 beer chits will be in the bank tomorrow morning! Didn't want to fekkin drink anyway!
  11. Cnutty bollox, sheckles on the way.
  12. Hols4Heroes

    Hols4Heroes War Hero Good Egg (charities)


    More to follow :D
  13. Hols4Heroes

    Hols4Heroes War Hero Good Egg (charities)

  14. Philastine, we will come after you and find you. After we have sent some money obviously :)

    The Sheddi
  15. Many have tried and fallen by the wayside :muhaha: