Hols4heroes (January 2013)

A successful Christmas, and a total of 36 families and servicemen past and present benefited from our Chrimbo campaign.

Many thanks to all who contributed, i'll try to work out how to scan some of the thankyou letters and cards received>

Latest Jan info

After a month or so of begging, scrounging, blagging, stealing of spare parts, tyres, discs, pads, filters mechanics time etc our two people carriers are back on the road with full MOTs, shiney new bits and a clean bill of health for the upcoming season.

I'm begging for help with the following however.........

The wagons are set to return in a fortnight, ready for work mid February. I've got to get them there however, and that comes at a quite hefty cost.

Ive got the drivers, the wagons are full of things like bedding, barbeques, spares, you name it, we have it for another season.

The insurance is steep, and the fuel is around £330each vehicle to get them there, plus £66 each for the channel tunnel.

With the insurance, we are looking to raise about £1735 to put us in a position to operate the vehicles and get them where they need to be for the year.

Thankfully both were salvageable and deemed reliable by a grown up, saving us a small fortune.

Why we do it

Hi Chris,

Thank you once again for your call this morning and you taking the time to speak to me.

As i said i am a Sgt and joined the Army on 17th Aug 1998 and was with the ****** *****. I was involved in an IED strike in September 2009 which killed my driver and did a good job of me. I broke pretty much everything apart from my right arm, but most importantly my right ankle was severely damaged and so was my lower back that had a break at L3,4 and 5. My wife on hearing the news moved to Selly Oak to support me with out then 6 week old daughter. We did not leave there till November that year.

The ankle deteriorated in and was finally amputated in May 2011. My wife and children supported the decision and stayed very strong. I on the other hand had begun to fade and was now under the care of the mental health team at RAF Marham. I seemed to be doing really well on a prosthetic so physically i was moving forward. In November that year my back felt strange and upon getting an x-ray we found that one of the damaged vertebra has collapsed. I was admitted to hospital and only just got out on Christmas eve. Christmas that year was a bit of a wash and i spent most of it in great pain.

Seeing me in this pain caused the family to wobble. V*** finally broke and things were just getting too much. [Very personal paragraph removed]

As i have said i am now under direction of Headley Court. I am in Team A managed by Lt Col R **********. I am also part of a PRU. and under the direction of WO2 S**** M****. I am due to be discharged from service as of 31st of March 2013.

I mobilise well on a prosthetic as i have said but do have the following medication,


I have travelled on these medication before so they should not be a huge problem.

And thats it really. That us and a brief in sight into where we are now and what we have been through. If you require anything else please let me know. It would be truly great if you could help them smile again. They have had just a rough time and do nothing but keep going forward with a smile on there face.

My Kindest Regards,
I know all you guys see is me holding out the begging bowl and asking you to fill it. I am guilty of not putting enough feedback up, its only down to being busy and the above is purely an example of the scores of similar emails received every month.

The above chap is placed for Mid may...... I just need wagons there to pick him up from the airport.

He's staying here

Giz a lift please people, lets start this season with a proper bang!!

Sort Code: 40-12-09
Acct Number: 41416081

If paypal is the only option please PM me.

Daily sitreps for next ten days to follow.
when i am back in the world of electronic banking, i will put some dosh in.!!
You can do it over the phone. Always remember to leave a really smutty "reference". HSBC don't find it funny, but I do.
Channel tunnel sorted.
£276.50 start, many thanks to those who've contributed and helped.

Keep pumping kindly people we've got to get these wagons back to the sunshine and back to work.
will put dosh I have saved from stopping smoking in next time I pass HSBC
Keep going ladies and gents, £402.50 down.

Need to get there by Thursday next week if possible. Channel tunnel is cheapest, drivers available and weather through the Pyrenees looks favourable.

Many thanks to all so far
£486 in so far, Thankyou

Still got a way to go, and need these vehicles into Southern Spain for the seasons beginning or we'll have rasberries with very sore stumps after the 8k tab from the airport.

Is it time yet to guilt trip and make you cry with stories from Injured, berieved etc? :)
£276.50 start, many thanks to those who've contributed and helped.

Keep pumping kindly people we've got to get these wagons back to the sunshine and back to work.
Sunshine buses?

Will chuck some pfennigs in the pot when I can.

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Keep going people.

I've got a mahoosive list of rasberry ripples in dire need of some respite who need picking up in these shiney, good as new velocopeeds.

If there are means of humiliation and degradation that you can think of to make you cough up...... am all ears and have a team of willing wretches.

Dig deep bastardos!!

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