Hols4Heroes - Jack Daniels wall plaques

Anyone who knows me, know's I like a drop of JD every once in a while.

I used to have the metal JD wall plaques mounted in my old gaff going up the stairs. However, now I've moved I don't have the wall space for them :(

So, I'm auctioning them.

The 2 bigger ones are 12.5" by 16", and the thinner one is 8.5" by 16".

They're made of metal. No idea what sort of metal, but metal nonetheless.

I would rather these went as a set, to save me ******* around in the post office.

The auction will end at 1900hrs on Sunday the 25th Sep (UK time)


Hi, I don't believe we've met. Are you fit? Can I see your breasts? (it's all for charity you understand) Think of the wounded!!
Not bad that, 42 minutes to reduce this to a "get your tits out,"

Must be getting near a record.

£70...and, no, you cant have a look at my tits.....

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