Hols4Heroes - iPod shuffle 1Gb

Anyone fancy an iPod?

It's been used about 5 times before an upgrade made it redundant. New earphones, the drive has been cleaned and it's ready to go.

This isn't the ideal time for me to try and run an auction, being away 17-25 Jun. However - let's try.

Auction closes at 1800 on 25 Jun 09.
Whiskey you have mislead me 8O It is a music thing :D

BS if I will can you load it with hits of the 70s and 80s for me............ I don't think it will plug into my gramophone :D
I might try to bring the end date forward to next week at this rate - but I'll still have the admin to sort out. Hmmm ... best left to run, but I'd guess it will reach its natural bidding level this weekend at this rate!!
We may be reaching 'the natural level' for this Item.. I'll see where we are by tea-time on Sunday and make a decision then. Hols4H need cash now, not in 2 weeks' time!

Last orders ... 8)
SOLD ...

Dosh to Hols4H please, and PM me with your postal addy. I'll get it off to you asap once the dosh is confirmed.

If I don't hear by Tuesady morning, you may have to wait a week until I get back from hols. 8)

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