Hols4heroes (gucci shineyproject ongoing)

As you can see from the pic, its a 105mm cut down shell, a pair of SA-80 bayonets, a peice of oak and whoever wins its cap badge mounted.

In the centre of the 105mm shell will be a clock.

the Bayonets will be chromed and the shell will be shined and blinged / pimped to the max.

Whats it worth? finished, not in its current format :D

Finished product will be immaculate and furniture quality
£50 here, it would be worth just to have the Lord High Hamster Fiddler pay homage and bling up an RLC cap badge
rockape34 said:
£55 - but with the :thumright: 55 AD crest instead of badge :thumleft:
55 quid is not nearly enough, 100 pounds. With R Signals badge.
When a gooner shouts ram in the lamb :x Is he admitting to his fetishes or just partial to fresh meat.

Any sign of closing date btw


i would like it as a gift for someone, but not at the expense of someone that really really wants it, and had a good reason for having it.

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