Hols4Heroes: Golly Keyring with a Mr M badge - ends 25/10/10

Here you get the chance to go for

A tasteful Golly Keyring together with a Mr Mushroomhead badge,

The Golly is 5.5 inches tall and I'm sure all ARRSErs know the Mr M badge. :)

This is what it looks like:

The auction will run for almost a week, so make your bid before

Monday, 25th of October, 1800 hrs.

( Just to make sure, this is GMT. )

Please support the good cause, thank you !! :)

And as an 'extra' you'll get an "Official" 49 Para P Coy Plus certificate as well !!

With our best thanks to rockape34, who donated the items.


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Lovely auction items, Rockape. Thank you.


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Anyone else interested in these lovely items?
Bloomin 'eck,I know there's a recession and all that.....at this rate I'll have to put another bid against meself.

If Mrs TSNM finds out I've spent the christmas fund on a golly and a badge she'll 'ave an eppy.It'll end up being a joint christmas present for the three tin lids.

So, any advance on £20?
Anyone else up for this lovely set of items ? :)

YIM, if I don't win the other Item I'm bidding on (same close date), is it possible for that bid to be transferred to this one? (it's currently at £36) Reason I ask, is that I can't afford to bid on both. :sad:
Only one day left, folks.
Go on, folks. You know you want to!
Well, as it's for a good cause, it would be a pleasure. Now, if you could just change my postie for a younger, fitter model, I'll be seeing a lot of him ...
Bollocks to it. £30.

Posted from my bed with a big bandage.

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