Hols4Heroes: German police winter cap in size 54 - ends 23/11/10

Here you get the chance to bid for

A German police winter cap in size 54

(Should be something like 6 3/4 for you. ;-) )

It is the official winter cap of the German police:
- typical green leather
- fur-lined in brown
- earflaps with Velcro
- original label of Albert Kempf Ltd
- only insignia removed.

You won't get cold in this one !! :policeflat:

This is what the cap looks like:

The auction will run for a week, so please make your bids before

Tuesday, 23rd of November, 1800 hrs.

( Just to make sure, this is GMT. )

All proceeds to Holidays4Heroes, we all know there are so many waiting for help.

Thank you for your support !!
Too small for me, and the OH wouldn't need it except on Remembrance parades [and she has declined to bid] ... although it would go nicely with our RBL Chairman's Verdienstkreuz am Bande which he's just picked up for being the German Consul here for the last 10 years.

Lüdenscheid - Der Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Not exactly sure it sits very well with his GSM, although "we are good friends now" ;-)
If it'll stretch to about 56-ish, then I'm for £11 :wink:

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