Hols4heroes (Falklands help)

Does anyone have or can someone please point me to a decent quality photo of chaps from 2 Para lifting the Union Flag at Stanley please?

Its to make part of a presentation for someone rather deserving.

Cheers bastardos.
The only one I've seen is a bloke raising the flag at Goose Green....not a very good quality one though.
Try Jimmy OC on here.
Tha only pictures I've seen of Flag raising at Stanley was of the Marines (NP8901 Party)
I believe it was RM who raised the flag in Stanley, but, I will check this evening. I have thousands of images from the Falklands on my PC at home.
I will post a message on SAMA82 for you, one of the lads on there will be able to confirm what 2Para raised and where !
It was RM that raised the flag, however there are pics of 2 Para also with raised flags, its them I'm after.
Sorry. Looked through all my photos and the only paras with an erect flag are 3 para, hopefully someone on SAMA82 will be able to help you
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