Hols4heroes (elderly veteran)

Quickie, got an elderly gentleman that did more than his share in the shindig against the Bosch and the Japs. With more stories than Uncle Albert.

Struggling by on his pension, have cleared his winter heating bills etc.

He has no Washing machine, toaster, microwave and his kettle looks like I've been boiling my underpants in it for 3 years, his electric shower is also fried and needs replacing asap.

I've got a very helpful appliance supplier who will give me kit at half price, effectively cost and can have it delivered early next week and installed.

We need £297.40

Giz a leg up you slags.

Sort: 40-12-09
Acct: 41416081

I've managed to get him a respite week in Scarborough for the week after (I know its shit there but its where he met his late wife whilst on leave in 1945)

Added bonus, because he's late on in his winter years the kit will remain in good nick and we can recycle it when he joins the choir invisibule!!

Mrs Slug, are you banking with us, or us with you?

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