Hols4Heroes: Eau de Toilette designer bottles - ends 25/10/10

In this auction you can bid for

2 designer bottles of Eau de Toilette

It's one bottle of Garden Pink (for women)
and one bottle of Musk (for men).

The Pink Eau de Toilette has got a tantalising flowery scent
and the Musk, well, make an educated guess ... ;) of course it's alluring musk scent.

Every bottle is 3.3 fl. oz. and comes along in a neat box.

This is what the bottles look like:

The auction will run for a week, so please make your bids before

Monday, 25th of October, 1800 hrs.

( Just to make sure, this is GMT. )

And please don't forget to mention which Eau de Toilette you want to bid for. :)

Many thanks to the kind Facebook member, who donated the bottles. :thumleft:


Book Reviewer
Any bids for these lovely items?


Book Reviewer
Is it Christmas soon, then?

(I have seen cards in the shops already, so it must be!)


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And I thought you folks 'over there' were so much more sensible.

A lot of supermarkets are filling up with Christmas gubbins, but I can avoid those aisles, and do, until Advent starts on 27th November.

Anyway, just supposing someone were shopping early, how about a bid?


Book Reviewer
Only one day left, folks.

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