Hols4heroes (D-Day plea)

Chaps and chapesses and fatties.

AM trying to raise £421 to get two very young famillies away, both from same unit both been through similar quite horrific battlefield trauma.

Have managed to get accomodation next door to each other and am well on the way to sorting thier flights.

I'm the above balance short, when considering there are 9 travelling its quite an achievement.

Can you help me make a dint in this?

Sort: 40-12-09
Acct: 41416081
A small bit inbound - you wiped me out the other week!
Juno, if you don't stop nicking my Gold, I'll run you through wivva Sword.

Dropped off the 1st page, so.....

Any update?
Stop making me feel guilty.

You missed a few words. :p
It might get more responses if I change the 'and' to 'or' though!
Before you shout at me, I'm off to put some money in the pot.


A bit more in the pot.

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