Hols4Heroes: Coca Cola sheet metal signs with everlasting calendar - ends 20/09/11


You like those sheet metal signs and scantily dressed woman ?
How about getting one of these then. ;-)

2 Coca Cola sheet metal signs

The signs are 8" x 12" with a red border and scantily dressed girls on a swing / in deckchairs,
a Coca Cola bottle and the slogan 'Drink Coca Cola in bottles' / 'Talk about refreshing'.
Underneath the photo there is a perpetual calendar with two magnetic frames for day and month.

This is what the signs look like:

cc_metal_calendar1.jpg cc_metal_calendar2.jpg

The auction will run for a week.

Please make your bids before

Tuesday, 20th of September, 1800 hrs.

( Just to make sure, this is UK time. )

All proceeds to Holidays4Heroes, please help those who have given so much.

Thank you for your support !

By bidding or taking part in the auctions in any way, you approve tacitly the Auction Rules.

Please copy these lines for bidding:

Coca Cola sign#1 (swing) - £ - your name
Coca Cola sign #2 (deckchairs) - £ - your name

£15 for the deckchairs! ;o)
£50 for both.
Are these new in a retro style or are they genuinely old?
Coca Cola sign #2 (deckchairs) - £27 - Arrse_onist
Not wanting to do myself out of £2 but as its for charity i should point out the above should read £27. Thanks

£60 for both.

My brother's Christmas present will be sorted then.

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