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Many thanks to all who took part in the Auctions. Its been a hard year financially and each penny is genuinely appreciated.

We've managed to get scoff vouchers, toys etc out to families who without assistance wouldn't have a Christmas day, some not even a Christmas dinner.

We've got a couple who or three that have been left behind and would like to get them sorted before Christmas.

One chap is in desperate need of a bed, I can order one tomorrow for delivery the next day, he's on his arse, we've managed to move him and get him otherwise sorted, I just need to get this bed and some bedding and a bit of something so he can give a pressie to his daughter. Am looking for £225

Another family, I'd like to send them vouchers for thier kids. Otherwise Santa is bringing nothing, no parent should see thier child like that. Am looking for £50 each kid, therefore £100

Another very elderly gentleman with plenty of second war chest bling will be spending Chrimbo cold and alone, I've managed to hook him up with his sister but got to get him there, tavel costs return are about £145

This is a fast one. Also on this thread I'll auction a 9mm Deactivated Browning and an AK47 desk tidy, both can be delivered before Christmas if bidding as a gift, auctions will end 19:00 tomorrow, posted Friday for a Saturday delivery.



The Pistol is UK legal and Deactivated, complete with certificate and strips down as normal.

PLease chuck a couple of quid in the pot and or bid away on these final items.

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£65 to start off the Browning


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I'll give you £20 for your butt (snigger fnarf)
How much did last weeks Browning go for in the end?

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Depending on where the elderly gents going give him the cash and if within 100 mile of cov can take him over weekend.

See PM regarding the kids!

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