Hols4heroes (Chrimbo for all)

Last year and the year before we were able to send families of fallen soldiers, soldiers on hard times voucher, gifts and even Christmas dinner on us.

The plan is to do that again this year.

To press we've bullied and blagged some of the larger supermarket & toy store chains into giving us more vouchers for our money, clearly meaning we can make what we have go a whole load further.

This is running along side some of the ongoing cases that we have at the minute, and even during this winter spell we still have families flying out to Spain, Lapland, Dominican Republic & Egypt

There are a few auction items running at the minute with more to follow, also bank and paypal details are below should anyone have forgotten Very Happy

Paypal: info @ holidays4heroes.org

HSBC: Holidays4heroes

Sort code: 40:12:09
Account no: 41416081

Remember, not everyone, even some within this on-line community will be having a merry Christmas, either due to bereavement long before its time, severe body trauma or simple hard times.

Matters nothing if its a quid, everything counts and everything will be converted into pressies and vouchers.

I posted this a couple of weeks ago but due to me being involved elsewhere wasn't able to monitor it and give it the attention it deserves.
One of the most rewarding and touching parts of last year was the Christmas dinner. We knew there were families out there, who for whatever reason were struggling to put food on the table on Christmas day.

We sent out Tescos vouchers to those families ensuring they didn't need to worry about scoff, and that the Turkey all that goes with it was on us.

Its also a time to remember our older and more frail ex servicemen, who for whatever reasons can't afford their winter heating bills. Lets not have them sat in front of a switched off bar fire, let see if we can help them stay warm, appreciated and given a sh1t about.
New record for Hols4heroes..... slow responce

If I'm doing something wrong let me know, or do we all like a gut wrenching tale and a story that makes us cry to part with our pennies? :D

Editted (just checked the Hols4heroes account and there's been £40 sent, apologies for grumpy arrsed post)


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I'll be putting some cash in next week when I tot up the collecting tin from my office.

In the New Year the tin will get filled quicker* when I make it a swear box...

*Probably by me!

I can't start collecting and rattling for the chap with terminal illness, the family with special needs kids or any of the other four waiting cases until I've got Christmas out of the way.
Its the one year anniversary of Hols4heroes in a few days, there will be no cake as many here appear to have ODd on it already.

Whilst you are out enjoying your yuletide shopping, spare a thought for some of our widows, who's nippers only festive wish is for their dads to come home. Clearly we can't sort that, but we can get them a couple of quids worth of vouchers to ease the burden very slightly.

We've also got blokes with families, and indeed single blokes who will be doing buggerall on Christmas day, other than wonder 'what went wrong' and are suffering hard times for countelss reasons. Help us fund their Chrimbo dinner.

Its only three weeks away and I need to be posting out by 19th / 20th at the latest
My dosh should have gone in yesterday via HSBC.
Thanks folks, I know its the crappest time of the year for a tin rattling

Some vouchers already been posted out, one widow is facing a christmas without her other half and father to her four kids for the first time. All without any financial security due to payouts being help up.

Sadly she isn't alone, am trying to juggle things to make as much of an impact as we can to as many as possible, that along with running the day to day welfare cases that we get in, holiday bookings and requests for me to be handsome.

Whatever you can spare folks, you can be assured its all getting spent the second it comes in...... and not on things that fit in my anus.


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H4H I suspect a lot of people are using their dosh on the rather large number of auctions we're running. Luckily they're being generous over there, so that will help with the load. I'll add references to this thread to all the auction threads this afternoon.
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