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Hols4heroes Chrimbo appeal

Chaps, due to the success of the Christmas auctions and a couple of other fund raisers that have been going on elsewhere on the planet there has been little need and not so much focus on a Christmas whip round.

We do however have a slight shortfall on the people we pledged to help over the festive season.

This includes giving a Chrimbo dinner to families who simply can't afford it, a bit of a Christmas box to families who otherwise would get bugger all and generally giving a bit of a leg up to what I can only describe as very worthy people.

Many thanks to all for what can only be described as an epic year, a thorough follow up brief will be along somewhere between Chrimbo and New year.

I need to raise £1140 by Sunday so I can beat the Christmas post and get some vouchers etc out to those who need it most.

Gizz a lift?

Holidays4heroes - HSBC
Sort - 40-12-09
Acct - 41416081
Come on you miserable pack of cunts, give us a lift.

If I can square vouchers etc away Early monday morning, Ex sevicemen and their families who would otherwise be doing nothing for Christmas will at least know that someone somewhere does give a shit.

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