Hols4Heroes Bottle Openers - Ltd Edition

Right you slags - We have managed to blag 75 freebie bottle openers so I got them to put the Hols4H logo on.

These are 2/3 of the size of a credit card so will fit in most wallets or pockets, or they have a hole for a keyring which can double for an emergency paddle when cast adrift in the boating lake.

Gundulph and I are flogging them for £3.50 and every penny goes to Hols4H to keep hamster boy in barbecue sausages and Ron Hills.

You can buy them from our website, scroll to the bottom of the page. You can pay with card or Paypal.

Buy them here:- Online Shop

If you are buying from abroad don't forget to add the airmail top up or the postage will eat into the charity money, you tight gits.

.............what are you waiting for?
Bumpety bump and it's official 'The Snail is a Paypal Mong' , the only one who couldn't pay! (tongue sticky out smiley thing)
I'm going to knock you out.

My purse with my card in is downstairs, but I have received the e-mail of the invoice. I'd get out of bed, but it's cold and my ginger hot water bottle (disguised as a smelly dog that snores) is asleep.

£30 on the way as soon as the heating comes on, you cheeser.
Mine also arrived today. They are great. Many thanks.

Now off to the fridge for a cold one (purely to try out the opener you understand!)


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