Hols4heroes (August quickie)

Two relative fastballs in that we're looking for a leg up and a lift with.

1 x Widow and young child, (recently widowed) simly doesn't want to be around the garrison when the rest of the unit return happily to their families. Her mother is paying her own way to assist with the two year old.

I've got a vacancy end of August for a week, just need a hand with the air fare, for the two its £277.50

The second is a bit crappy too. Soldier and terminally ill partner, looking to get away via Hols4heroes for some memorable family time before the imminent downward spiral of health over coming weeks. TIme very much not onside on this one, so need to get them away ideally this weekend.

Am looking at flights etc at the minute, but for the two adults and two very young nippers we are looking at around £590 ish.

Giz a lift, promise there won't be many more this year as the season is pretty much booked and bar a couple of slots we're full up.

HSBC: Holidays4heroes
Sort: 40-12-09
Acct: 41416081


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I'll be out later and chuck some shekels in.
Dead dog's pocket money gone in.

Mr HSBC was all "Mrs Slug, you do realise that you bank with us, not us with you?"

I told him the circumstances, and he was all apologetic after that. The sap.
Cash sent - should be in your account in a couple of hours.

You owe me/this site about 4 terrabytes of gash shots of widows and 1/2 orphaned girls (aged 16 and over of course).

Just paid £175 in from The Burlington Hotel rip off raffle fund.

You could always buy the widow some curtains so she won't have to look at the others, be cheaper than a piss up in Spain!

Imagine a growler shot of a weeping widow here. For a small donation it will be removed.
You're wrong in the head you are.

Love Scud, what's the scores on the doors? HSBC are still talking to me. Just.
Incoming. I demand you verify your credentials as a collector. A picture of your dog onna piece of string will be fine.
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