Hols4heroes August plea

We managed to get more families away than we thought with the last plea, however Ive been handed a fast ball.

Chap under Headley court, recovering from gun shot wounds that dont seem to want to heal.

Ive got a slot available for 5-12th September that has his name on, I've also got £312 towards the £769 air fare for him and the Mrs and kids.

Can we do anything?

I know its a tall order and know weve exhausted nearly all avenues this year but I just don't want to say no.

HSBC: Holidays4heroes
Sort code: 40-12-09
Acct No: 41416081
Really struggling on this one folks, still 250 ish to go.

Giz a lift slags
I can't darling, my stupid brother is doing some runnng race thing at the weekend for the RNLI and all my pennies have gone there.

You know if I would I could.
No bother, I will get my man to do it. I wasn't offering to do it myself!

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You fucking stuck up your own arrse precious cunt.


You fucking stuck up your own arrse precious cunt.
Is that dissent from the retired element of the typing and filing pool?

People like you should know their place - in your case, a slum filled to the rafters with empties of tramp juice delivered by mr Tescos finest delivery drivers.

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They always listened to me. Whether they understood my accent was another matter. They all seemed to have these rather guttural ones - some were even (shudder) - Northern.

At least, I always put their inaction down to misunderstanding my orders!

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No buffing required, its a fleshy heliograph!!!

You were witnessed checking yourself out, applying hair gel/wax and making sure the laces on your boat shoes were the same length and unfastened in an apparent cool fashion.
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