Hols4Heroes auction: Multifuel stove - ends 18.00 hrs 9 March 2011

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by rockape34, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. For auction 1 x multifuel stove, runs on gasoline (unleaded and coleman fuel), kerosene (paraffin), diesel, jet fuel, butane, butane/propane mix.

    Preheating required for the heavier oils (kero/diesel etc)

    multi fuel stove.jpg

    Folding Spork and "everlasting" match.
  2. Go on then - a tenner to start you off. Hopefully my kitchen will be getting completely ripped out soon, and I'll have to have something to burn stuff on.
  3. You are a jewel - as always

    diolch yn fawr/vielen dank/tak/parakalo ...
    ... how do you say it in scouse?
  4. I wouldn't have said anything, I'd have just Kingo'd it and you'd be none the wiser less for the headache.

    Always happy to help sweetcheeks!
  5. I'll stick £20 on it, just so Sluggy still has to use hexamine blocks in her kitchen.
  6. What kitchen?
  7. Your open plan one ;-)
  8. £25.

    You die last for laughing at my kitchen.
  9. I laughed more at the unsightly gash on your arm, it looked like a ladies fairy. £25.99.
  10. £30 and I will let you pick the big bits of glass out of my arm.
  11. Quality, for that, I'll let you have it, in return I shall let you duraglit the 30 or so staples I'l have across my abdomen in April/May.
  12. I'd rather sew the dog a new eye out of Duraglit. Can I have your stoma made into earrings though? It's got to be less painless than your bollocks getting snipped snipped off. Little bits of pink sparkles glued on? Be a mate. You know you want to.
  13. My stoma weighs more than you do, your lobes will resemble one of those African Tribeswomen with the massive stretched lugs, I'll ask the surgeon if he'll cut the strange knobbly bit off it for you as a keepsake, me, I'll be glad to see the gargantuan monstrosity back inside where it's meant to be. Plus, I'll be able to break wind again and make a loud rasping noise, not the high pitched squeak that only dogs and peadophiles can hear.
  14. Thanks for your bids

    ... I left it a while as I didn't want to interrupt your intercourse ^_~
  15. Bump-Animation.gif

    Only 10 days to go.

    BTW Aspen4T thumbnail.aspx?q=553446803908&id=a7c2d8c2e6a807541378a2aafece5686&url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.duxfordhi.jpg works well in the stove tool, and is much cheaper than Coleman fuel (Aspen4T alkylate petrol is the cleanest form of petrol that is today available on the market)/images/misc/pencil.png