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Hols4Heroes Auction - Military themed books - Ends 20 August 2010

This auction is for 2 lots of 2 books.


The winners will also receive the coveted 49 Para P Coy Plus certificate 8) This is, as many will no doubt know, the advanced P Coy ^_~

piccie on next post


Book Reviewer
Folks, when you're bidding could you please be clear which lot you want?

i.e. £5 for Lot 1
£5 for lot 2.

Thanks, it makes life easier for the auctioneers!
Thanks Joker, very generous - sure you're not trying to prove that you completed P Coy Plus more than once? ^_~

... any more takers for this prestigious certificate 8) (and a couple of books!) :)
Thanks to both of you. I really appreciate that with help from generous sellers and generous bidders we've kept these auctions going whilst YesItsMe has been away.

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