Hols4Heroes auction: Challenge Coin 006

[align=center]And the story goes on:

The next coin of the SPECIAL CHALLENGE COINS is on auction.

So, here is your chance to get CHALLENGE COIN #006 !!

Make the 6th coin that has ever seen the light of day your very own !!!

This is what your coin will look like:

(Front side in a nice environment.)

And don't forget, this coin can save you a fortune. ;)

This auction will end on Friday 11th of September at 2200. (GMT)

You know there's always an urgent case waiting for help.

So, grab the chance to get your Special Challenge Coin
and show you stand for a good cause !!
[align=center]Thank you, buttonsin3s.

And so the highest bid is:

£50 from buttonsin3s . .

Anyone who would like to say £51 ?? . .

[align=center]Thank you, oldnbald. :thumright:

So the highest bid for coin, certificate and photo is now:

£52 from oldnbald . .

Will I hear £53 during the last 20mins ??


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