Hols4Heroes All Be Over By Christmas Auction Campaign


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Being the season of Christmas Shopping, the H4H Auction Team has a whole load of lovely items for you to buy for your loved ones, all donated by generous arrsers and others, and all generating loads of dosh for Hols4Heroes and Help Them Out.

The auctions will start next week, once the COs have finished their RBL campaign.

As well as our usual bears, there are electronic goods, memorabilia from Janes, signed books on military subjects, and much, much more.

So, get your wallets ready, and watch this Forum for auctions of lovely stuff!


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Items are always welcome. We have a long list, but additions means more money for MDN to squander on hamster fun.

We're also planning a 'January Sale' campaign, so no rush if people have items which aren't available in the next few weeks.

(Not that we're aiming for world domination, but we do seem to need an awful lot of dosh for the causes....)


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You're an angel. And there's no resisting the H4H Auction Team! Resistance is futile, as the saying goes!
I've got a 32GB iTouch, (brand spanking new in the box, never opened, unwanted business gift) if that's any use as an auction item. PM me.
When's this going to start? I bid in 18 of the RBL auctions and won sod all. I have money to fritter away.
YIM and I will be speaking this evening to work out the order of auctions, and you can expect them to start tomorrow.

Patience, we will lighten that wallet for you. ;-)
Grownup_Rafbrat said:
Patience, we will lighten that wallet for you. ;-)
Typical response from a woman.
YIM/GRB, Remember you have 10 Veteran Coins with Hols 4 Heroes 1 - 10

MM, Is one of those items you mentioned to me earlier about? (framed etc.?)
Gundulph said:
YIM/GRB, Remember you have 10 Veteran Coins with Hols 4 Heroes 1 - 10

MM, Is one of those items you mentioned to me earlier about? (framed etc.?)
Have patience, as soon as it arrives safely, I'll wing the details across to they who must be obeyed. Need to photo some badges and coins!


YIM and I have been discussing the list of items which have been offered, and have planned which items will be starting tomorrow, next Monday and the following Monday. Each auction will last a week.

We do have quite a few items where we aren't sure where they are, or whether they are still available. If you've offered one of the lovely items on the list below, please could you PM either YesItsMe or me, letting us know whether the item is still available and where it is. We don't want to be in a position where we start an auction in good faith only to find that it's not there any more once someone has won the auction!

If we don't hear, we'll assume the item isn't available any more, rather than take that risk. Thank you.

Items to go along with Arrse Challenge Coin 007 (a copy of Casino Royale and a 'Crew' Baseball cap (used) from Quantum of Solace, signed certificate by Dame Stella Rimington and perhaps some original photos of the coin held by Dame Stella Rimington, Judie Dench and Sean Bean.)
Photo 'Girl and her Dancing Shoes'
A stone from Warrenpoint, decorated with the 2 Para DZ flash, II Para, and a Parachute Reg capbadge
A Chelsea football shirt, signed by John Terry / Frank Lampard
A certified display parachutist do a drop from 10.000ft over the cricket events
Forgotten Voices of The Great War 1st Edition printed in America very rare 1
Dambusters 1
Forgotten Voices WW 2 1
Faces of World 1 2
Above all Courage 1
Dambusters 1
Last post 1
Forgotten voices of WW1 1
Forgotten Voices of WW2 1

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