Hols4heroes 12 month anniversary

Dec 9th 2009

12 month anniversary of Holidays4heroes as a real life grown up outfit, to mark the anniversary I thought I’d throw together a brief statement about what we’ve achieved this year.

Books will be forwarded to the accountant on Jan 4th to be signed off so although the figures below are reasonably accurate they aren’t to the exact penny.


This year 61 families have enjoyed respite care, holidays, trips and skives varying from lapland, Egypt, Spain, Los Angeles, Florida and the Dominican Republic.

Already earmarked for 2010 are 56 families.

We still have people currently in Spain and one family of a chap injured in an IED incident currently en route to the Ise of white.

Hols4heroes has funded flights, passports, hire vehicles, airport transport, spending money, sundry money, villa hire & villa maintenance in many cases.


We are becoming better at this with countless recourses at our fingertips.

I won’t list cases, there are too many and keeping peoples persec and integrity and self pride in tact are important to us, and I’d hate for them to read their story in the public domain unless its already out there.

We’ve stopped 11 repossessions, 7 evictions and homed 6 homeless ex servicemen.

We’ve dealt with 14 bankruptcies and countless more IVAs

We’ve stopped 26 bailliff cases (one way or another, not often the most straight forward way)

We’ve provided transport, furniture, white goods, bedding, disabled equipment, laptops, desk tops, phones, alarms, utility payments, TVs, stopped medal sales, replaced medals, moved house for people, referred over 35 cases to SSAFA and RBL, decorated, moved rubbish, visited and shown caring to elderly veterans. Provided BnBs, provided school uniforms, clothing, refuge for wives who have needed removing from hostile home environments. Provided Christmas and Birthday presents for families in need, same goes for christmas food and vouchers just to name a few.

High points.

Spatula challenge was the highest single earner, netting us just over £10000 in a single event, Sgt Slingsby being photographed with Pun VC, countless auction items being sold at extortionate prices, getting to meet some of the recipients of what we do. Sending a Bren gun to Belfast, watching an IED victim make a home-made colostomy bag out of a fanta bottle, a johnny and two rubber bands so he didn't have to walk from the bar to the bog in Spain. Watching Auntie Stella cry

Particular thanks to:

Spanish Dave - for being my right hand, never let us down in blagging and getting properties for the blokes
Blue Sophist - for Running Slingsby and overseeing the www.sgtslingsby.org site.
Meridian - for his shit hot IT skills and internet and computer cleverness
Cait - for coming up with the Slingsby idea and name 5 years ago, where all this stems from
Yes its me and GRB - for the auctions
Pararegtom, Bumper & Banker - for introducing us to Max Arthuer and Cliff parzi and tirelessly campaigning around London for us also Bumper and Banker for keeping me level headed and stopping me running off on crusades and on silly tangents
Brummietankie - for his support in Plymouth with the family who tragically lost two children and a couple of other cases.
Silent donators and constant supporters (you know who you are) too many to mention…..
Banker - once more for being fundamental in our forward transgression into what is looking like becoming a charity
The COs - for allowing us to exist here on the site.
MWL946 - for being a solid and outspoken supporter and campaigner in the land of the porridge wog
Each and every person that’s donated, provided an auction item, sent PMs of support, offering help, equipment and time.
Will & George for cycling 400 miles and hiking up 3 of the counties biggest peaks to raise cash for us (exceptionally proud of that one)
Passing Bells (you know why you ugly git :D)
The red devils - for accommodating our jumpers.
Mittmayo and his mum & Gundolph - coins, hotels, continued tireless support
Property owners in Le Torre and plots in UK - for giving countless freebie and discounted weeks to our blokes

Forgive me if I've not mentioned anyone, its not intentional and most definitely doesn't mean I'm not grateful.

The future

Working closely with Banker and some of his contacts we are investigating the path to charitable status. Sadly due to family issues here with me, that’s been on the back burner for the last month, but that’s due to change in coming weeks.

The US will be regularly listed as an available destination, alot of time has been spent speaking with Disney resort type venues, long haul airlines in an attempt to offer life time and memorable holidays to those who deserve it.

Next year will probably see us spending more time on the holidays as sound and solid contacts have been made with SSAFA, RBL, Combat Stress & BLESMA. Therefore with a little luck our QRF facility will be needed a little less frequently ( Yeah right)

We have a very very pretty part time assistant know here at HQ Hols4heroes, who has yet to work underme…… I’m working on it. She is relieving me of some of the more mundane and dull admin parts of this set up, freeing me and the rest of the team to focus on grown up stuff.

We'll have to expand the team, appointing regional coordinators has begun with two or three in place, within six months or so this will probably triple.

We are getting referrals on a daily and often twice and thrice daily rate now, due to various departments within the forces beginning to take us seriously.


Without your contributions all of this grinds to a halt, I am lucky I get to speak to the majority of the families, widows and those directly affected by service life and its pit falls. I am guilty of not passing on enough thanks and feedback from them so you are aware of where your money is being spent.

Often I am moved to lumpy throated gayness when I speak to the wives of blokes who gave their tomorrow, its an absolute privilege to play a small but I feel important role in making them still feel wanted, appreciated and more importantly grateful for the sacrifices their loved ones, and our mates have made.

Amount raised

By noon tomorrow I will post the figures of what we’ve raised in the last 12 months and a brief breakdown of where its all gone, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we are tickling the £85 - 90k marker.

Thank you again for a phenomenal year, one that's smashed all my expectations to pieces

Great achievements all round. It just shows what the ex-military (and military) community can do.

Well done everyone. :D
A massive Well Done and Huge Thumbs Up to MDN and the small group of selfless ARRSE Members that run Hols 4 Heroes & Sgt Slingsby, hopefully 2010 will be even better for you all than this year has been...

Myself and MittMayo have several Coin ideas we will be designing and producing in the New Year, we are also open to suggestions by PM for more designs. We intend to carry on normal jogging with the fund raising efforts as much as we can.

Again, Well Done to all of you! who knows, maybe some Big Cheese with a lot of Dough will help out in the New Year...

Nice One!
Bloody well done mate.
It just goes to show that being on the Serial Sexual Offenders register does not make you a bad person.
Great work by MDN and SpanishDave.

The Lesser Bears and I are proud to be able to help in our small furry way, which is completely different to that way involving hamsters.

Bear Hugs all round from the Handsome Head Bear.


Book Reviewer
Bloody Good job, MDN YIM GOPB Sgt Slingsby and the rest of the back room boys and girls. Great effort lets make 2010 a bumper year.
nice one all, have to say I get a better feeling in providing the odd handful of cash to this 'charity' than any others I throw the odd copper at.

Great work at the top and as always count me in if you need a hand for anything.



Well done boys & girls. Nice to know BrummieTankie can do something well. His golfs cr*p.
Well done all, lots planned and in the pipeline for next year too.

Well done to all the team, that's a seriously impressive tally. It's superb to know that every penny has actually gone to doing some good for someone who needed it!
congrats on the milestone. Well done to the team behind it and keep up the good work guys and i hope next year is even better.
Markintime said:
meridian said:
Hols4Heroes said:
refuge for wives
is anyone else a bit suspicious about this one :D
MDN's personal pet project. ;)
For now, I'd let Hamster-Man bask in well-deserved glory, along with SpanishDave [who he rarely sleeps with]. :wink:

The Support Crew do what so many others do - help keep the ball rolling. Like you lot. No big deal, we do our bit in different ways.

But its MDN and SD who make it all happen, with the help of the ARRSE community and the Bear's mates on Facebook.
And it sure beats pruning roses to pass the time!! :lol:


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Absolutely fantastic. Well done to all involved, and to all who have donated funds and bought coins and other items at auction. I think you (and we) can all be very, very proud.

Now, next year let's double it!

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