Hols4Heroes: 100,000,000,000 Dollar and a mini LED torch - ends 01/11/10

Here you get the chance to go for

A mini LED torch + a $100,000,000,000 note ,

The mini LED torch is 2 inches
(batteries are reversed in the torches to conserve power)
and a real 100,000,000,000 dollar note, it's Zimbawean though. ;-)
(Different serial number than in the photo)

Here you can see the items:

The auction will run for a week, so please make your bid before

Monday, 1st of November, 1800 hrs.

( Just to make sure, this is GMT. )

Please support the good cause, thank you !! :)

And as an 'extra' you'll get an "Official" 49 Para P Coy Plus certificate as well !!

With our best thanks to rockape34, who donated the items.

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