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Hols4H: white Holidays4Heroes shirt in XL (16.06.)

[align=center]In this auction you can bid for

A white 'Holidays4Heroes' shirt in size XL

This summer show your support for Hols4Heroes and wear this shirt !!

It's one of the shirts I ordered to have them signed by Gareth Edwards at the Welsh Warrior Festival in Abergavenny.
Unfortunately he didn't make it to the event, so it is still a virgin shirt.
But at least you can say it is very special and almost signed by this famous rugby player. :D

This is what the shirt looks like:

The auction will run for a week, so please make your bids before

Wednesday, 16th of June, 1800 hrs.

( Just to make sure, this is GMT. )

We all know where the money goes to and that it is much needed.

bloody hell its a conspiracy!! Bloody good job i love you you skinny penguin bothering wine addled WITCH :D

PS when is it you're home for general partying and shennanigans again??

Congratulation, BMG !!

For £31 the Holidays4Heroes shirt is yours.

Thank you for being and supporting Hols4Heroes.

Same to everyone else who bid as well. :thumright:

I guess you know how to get the money to the right place. ;)

Shirt will be on its way to you tomorrow. :D

You fool ! :lol:

Ok, let's say we are at £30 again with spud and give the auction another 2 days.

Please get in touch, if this is not ok with you, spud. :)

I'll adjust the date in the subject.

(... and you are not allowed in here again, BMG ! :p )

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