Hols4H 'Falklands ARRSE Coin number '82' for Auction' ends 11/4

Yes folks, the now legendary ARRSE coin with the ultimate Falklands tribute number.

This is one of the few two digit Arrse coins left available and would make a splendid centre piece in any Falklands Display.

Comes with a free piece of bubble wrap.

Auction will end in 7 days time (12 noon 11th April) , all proceeds to Holidays 4 Heroes

Donated by those devillishly handsome ex Bomb Gods from Uk Challenge Coins

UK Challenge Coins-Welcome Page
I will start the ball rolling with a bid of £10.
Any advance on £60?

Did I mention that this was used by Mike Rose as a paperweight to hold down the surrender Document in Stanley whilst the Argies signed it? Apparently some muppet of a Gunner opened the tent flap at an inopportune moment causing the papers to fly away, nearly scuppering the peace talks.

It was also used two years earlier by the second man on the balcony to disarm one of the terrorists as they were about to slot the hostages. He flung this coin like a frisbee when his MP5 jammed, catching Ahmed between the eyes and saving the lives of the good looking female hostages. Still has Ahmed's blood on the rim.

Come on, buy a piece of history!

Smoke me.
Bump to try and get some more bids before every ****** is banned from ARRSE and only the MODS can bid
£85 just to piss Dale off
I'm off to my pit and dream about little GSDs sharing my house.

Bite me, you shandy drinker xxxx

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