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Hols for Heroes - Wedding Dress Voucher - ends 11/10/10


Book Reviewer

Thanks to Jayne Anne's Bridal at Basepoint Centre, Basingstoke, I am able to offer a £150 Voucher for a Wedding Dress. Jayne Anne's sells dresses from size 6 to 26, and the voucher can be used towards a more expensive dress or to buy a dress from their sale rail. The voucher is valid until July 2011.

This item has a reserve of £50.

If any arrsers are planning a wedding, or know someone who is, this will be a great help towards reducing the costs.

The winning bidder would have to make their own way to the Basepoint Centre.

The auction ends at 1800 on 11th October and all proceeds go towards Holidays for Heroes.



Book Reviewer
Would anyone like to start this one with a bid?

Also, would any clever person please post on Rear Party that this one is running? There might be interest over there, but I'm not capable of doing that! Thanks.


Book Reviewer
Curry on the stag / hen nights, I'm sure. No grooms or grooming included with the lot though.

Just to let people know, the voucher is valid until July 2011, so there's no rush to choose.
Seems like we are all a bunch of unromantics. Might get on to a mate near Basingstoke and suggest she looks at her options...when's the next leap year?

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