Hols for Heroes - TO Lapel Badge - ends 15th May

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Grownup_Rafbrat, May 6, 2010.

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  1. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    With many thanks to The_Highway_Man I am pleased to offer for auction this rather natty lapel badge in the form of a TO Landrover.

    The auction will eed at 6 p.m. on Saturday, 15th May, and I'll post it to the winner. As usual all proceeds go to MDN's fund for Helping Hamsters to Help Themselves.


    Edited for idiot auctioneer.
  2. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)


    I believe these are a limited edition and no more will be available after the two I have to auction. Put your bids in now, please!
  3. You're right GRB. There was only 200 of these gold based pins produced so they will be a collectors item for the future in the tie pin world. So dig deep and get your mitts in your pocket. Come on arrse HATOs dont miss out on this pin. You know you want to, Graham Dalton has one! ;)
  4. So, is this a new auction then? I'm utterly confused as it said ends 15th April?
  5. GR is having a "senior moment!" this auction ends on 15th May. The title says 15th May. April 15th was the closing date for the last pin. ;)
  6. I'll start it off with a tenner then.
  7. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Thank you Lechies. I can only apologies for a 'senior' moment. It comes from trying to do too many things at once, as well as being a plonker! I have taken more medication and hope to be closer to normal soon.

    And thank you TO for sorting out the confusion. I'll edit the post.

    So folks, it's a Limited Edition, and it's at a tenner with Lechies.
  8. No idea who he is, but I've got one. 8)
  9. Just to highlight GURB's senility and a wee bump, howay lads and lasses, this'll look mint with your other lapel pins..... c'mon sluggy, you know you want to outbid me on it.... remember the dirty tactics I employed to ensure I won the bigbird67 bear.
  10. Read my last, Thicky McThicky. I've already got one.

    You should really go to Specsavers old man :p :p
  11. Don't be nasty to me, not when you whispered sweet kind words between gagging on t'other side of the glory hole...
    Why can't you have two?
  12. He's the Chief Executive of the Highways Agency. ;)
  13. given who you are...i'm intrigued to know what you poked through the aforementioned glory hole, that caused her to gag?? :D
  14. Jeez - I don't fancy yours much!


  15. As I wasn't blessed with good looks, personality and hair, I had to make up for it elsewhere. If it had been the other thing I could have poked through the glory hole,
    I would have been very impressed if she got that baby into her gob, it's thicker than a miners forearm

    Even if she licked it, she'd have her puking boots on, I tried a quick taste of the mucus off it once... instantaneous projectile vomit.