Hols for Heroes - Spanish Dave being auctioned! - ends 16.3.

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Grownup_Rafbrat, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Good Egg (charities)

    Some may say we've saved the best until last. Others may say 'who is this handsome fellow?'. Still others may say 'hahahahaha'.

    Hopefully you will all say 'I must bid high for this excellent lot'.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, in bear form, our most esteemed and excellent Spanish Dave. Complete with SAS-style moustache, and large handbag for carrying cash and bondage gear as MDN's bagman. Reflecting his split locations, the bag has two national flags.

    This auction will end on 16th March at noon GMT, and will be the last of the arrse character bears so kindly created by the Phantom Bear Dresser.

    So, bid early and bid often. There are lots of families who need our help this year.

    Thank you.

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  2. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    I kick it off - £20.

    And a very big thanks to the Phantom Bear Dresser for all those stunning ARRSE character bears. :)
  3. Does is speak with a hideous northern accent?
  4. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    eh up thee :D
  5. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    I thought it could help me with English and Spanish and I would teach him German and Latin as a 'quid pro quo'. :D
  6. Not if K13 and I are teaching it Castilian before blowing it up. :D

  7. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Good Egg (charities)

    I think it knows enough to say 'dos cervesas por favor' and 'un copa de vino tinto por favor'. What more does it need?
  8. A stick of PE4 up it's ricker???
  9. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Good Egg (charities)

    Are you going to film this explosive party for the site?
  10. Depends how many of the little blighters we can collect 8O

    The Reni Bear isn't going up in smoke though, that's far too precious to me, for obvious reasons :p :p :p
  11. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Good Egg (charities)

    Well, he's the last one, unless you start on the PTI bears we're doing for Weymouth, or the other dressed bears being sold at Abergavenny ....
  12. Bears dressed as sheep........ :?
  13. You ain't getting the bigbird67 one, that one is my replacement love sock now.
  14. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Good Egg (charities)

    EEEEUUUUUCCCHHHHH! I now have to go to a progress meeting with that thought in my head!
  15. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    That's a peach of an idea. :D