Hols for Heroes - signed pinup picture - ends 27/9/10


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Thanks to the lovely Jodie Gasson, a long time supporter of Holidays for Heroes (and now a pinup girl), I am able to offer a signed A4 copy of the page 3 picture of her which appeared in the Daily Star last Friday.

The auction will end at 1800 on 27th September UK Time.

Bid early and bid high, gentlemen! All proceeds will go to Holidays for Heroes, so you'll be buying it in a good cause.



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Thank you FF9. Sentiment appreciated. ;-)

Dale I have to agree - my thoughts turned to her lack of liberty bodice, vest, petticoat and cardigan. Not sure anyone dressed in that would adorn a locker though.
Boys, if you buy this, I will send you a photo of me in my liberty bodice, Fame Stylee leg warmers and a woolley hat with the dog licking me.

A tenner? You measly peasants.
And back on track, this item is still at £15 with stacker1. Any more bids, please?

(What Dale and PRT get up to in their own time, a thought too horrible to think, is best left out of a charity auction!)
As this isn't going well, and is unlikely to meet its reserve, I shall withdraw it from auction. If anyone would like to buy it, please contact me by PM to arrange a price. Otherwise we'll try it again after the October/November break from auctions for Holidays for Heroes.

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