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Hols for Heroes - Hawk Conservancy Family Ticket ends 2/7


Book Reviewer
Thanks to our great supporters at the Bead Base, who have begged so many excellent auction items for us, we are able to offer a ticket for two adults and two children to the Hawk Conservancy near Andover.

It is valid to 31st December 2010.

It's a great family day out - both exciting and educational, and an ideal treat for your children in the holidays.

The auction will end on Friday 2nd July at 1200 UK Time.


Book Reviewer
These are the feathered variety, Mr. Daxx.

Edited to add that it's a great picture of your Tower on Slingsby's site. :)

Now, back on topic, any more bids for this excellent item? Thank you.
So right now it looks like Mr Daxx is going to see the birds for £25. ;)

(GRB, could you please change the subject to H4H and add the deadline 02.07. instead ?)
Me. I'll go for it. £35.00. I was winging my way over there anyway!
I'll get ear ache if I don't. Hopefully the birds will scare the old bat off!!!! :D

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