Hols for Heroes - Get yer air cut! - ends 28/5/10


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Right you 'orrible lot! Here's an opportunity to impress your RSM, or even the lady in your life!

Thanks to the lovely, gorgeous Clare and Lynda at Emperors Barbers at the Basepoint Centre, Chineham, Basingstoke (where Cpl Horsa is having a haircut today) you have the opportunity to bid for a cut and blow dry.

You'll have to get yourself to the venue, but it will be worth it to see these lovely ladies in action, and to put yourself and your hair into their tender ministrations.

The auction will end on 28th May, and I'll tell them the name of the winner when I collect Horsa. I'll give their phone number to the winner so he (or she) can book their appointment.

Bid early and bid often please!


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Only with a snip first. ... .


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Emperor Mong (peace be on his name) hairdressers - I think I have been there a few times when he has been visiting. :x


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Go on, A-Y. You know you want to bid! These ladies are truly gorgeous. Just let them wrap a towel around your shoulders whilst you lech at them in the mirror!


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Or should I say 'snip'?


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And indeed BUMP.

Surely someone in the Basingstoke area can use a free haircut?
Well, it's not really free, but a tenner from me... (I have a grade 2 btw, very easy)
Thanks, sfub. Hope you can hop down there soon!
And the accompanying 'snip' of course!
Which part of that is blow-dried?
Still at a tenner with sfub, but this lot is now updated to include a free lunch from Paul at 'Nosh' for the for the lady/guy/man that wins the auction. 'Nosh' is a really good sandwich bar that also does an excellent carrot cake.
Only one more day for this; and still a SNIP at a tenner.

(See what I did there?)
Go on then...£15 :dance:

But it will have to wait, just had mine done... 8)
Last chance folks, this auction ends this evening.
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