Hols for Heroes - family history research - ends 4th October 2010


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This is a rather unusual and wonderful auction item, from a very kind arrser. It will end on Monday 4th October at 1900 hours UK time.


Ever wanted to trace grand-dad’s WW1 military service but don’t know where to start, don’t have the time, or don’t understand the records you’ve found? Well, now you can get 10 hours research in the National Archives at Kew by someone who understands WW1 Army records, copies of all the relevant original records, and a write-up of the results – all you have to do is win the bidding.

Points to note –

Even if I find nothing or very little, you still pay – I’m auctioning my time and knowledge, and it takes as long to find nothing as it does to find something.

I need somewhere to start – looking for ‘a John Smith who was a gunner or maybe it was the infantry’ is not going to be very productive for either of us. For ORs I need as a minimum name, regiment and, unless it is a very unusual name, number; for officers name and regiment.

If you win the bidding and it turns out you don’t have enough information to allow me to conduct sensible research, then I reserve the right to offer myself to the next highest bidder.

You get the results within 30 days of bids closing.

I’ve couched this in terms of WW1 soldiers but I’m actually happy to research anything at Kew if it raises cash for Hols for Heroes. However, the further we move from WW1 soldiers the less I know – asking me to research a WW1 RNVR officer is one thing, asking me to compile medical statistics for inbreeding in C18th rural Norfolk is probably not a good idea.


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I shall start the bidding on this one myself, at £25.


This may be a silly question, but can you research general familly history, geaneology type stuff there?
You can - it is NOT my field of expertise (except as an adjunct to researching military and other individuals) but if you want to PM me with more details I'll let you know whether it's worth you bidding for me.

C_C (who is apparently 'a rather unusual and wonderful auction item')


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Life is full of new experiences, C_C!



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I think so long as the records are at Kew, you'll be in, mac. Good bid, and thank you.
Mac, would you confirm whether your bid stands, in those circumstances?

Lovely, so that's at £50 with mac. Any more bids, please?
Any advance on £50?
Thank you stacker1. It's still a bargain at that price.

Any more bids for this unique lot?
Any advance on £55, folks?
At £55, any more bids please?
£55 is bid. Any advance?
£60 from me.
Still with me at £60. Any advance?

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