Hols for Heroes Auction - Hand made Cot Quilt - ends 14.3.10


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Thanks to the incredible talents of the Phantom Bear Dresser, I'm able to auction this rather wonderful cot quilt. Hopefully arrsers with new children or grandchildren (or great-grandchildren?) will find some cash to bid for it.

It's about 25 inches by 45 inches, made of cotton, and backed with broiderie anglaise, totally washable, and every little picture is hand embroidered in cross stitch. It's a work of art, and any baby would love to sleep, puke, gurgle and all those other baby activities in its snuggly loveliness.

As always, the funds raised go to support whatever cause MDN is scrounging for when the auction ends, which will be, ironically, Mothers' Day.



The_Phantom_Bear_Dresser said:
OK I think (and am probably wrong!) that its about £40. 1 groat is about 4p.

It was 4d (ie old pence) about 1.666p.
so that makes it £16.67
Less than his last bid. :D :D :D

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