Holocaust memorial next to Parliament - why?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 4(T), Apr 15, 2017.

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  1. I haven't seen a thread on this, so might be worth discussion.

    I see that one of CMD's little acts of tokenism was to sign off on the construction of a large holocaust memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens:

    Row over new £50m holocaust memorial as MPs say it will ruin Victoria Tower Garden

    Objections have been raised, and I personally can understand why. There are several aspects to this. One is the simple environmental objection to replacing a precious and very popular green area of park with yet another massive concrete and paved monstrosity. Subject matter aside, that seems to be a straightforward act of aesthetic and environmental vandalism.

    (Actually, given the track record for these types of monuments to be treated inappropriately by becoming toilets, picnic areas, playgrounds and vagrant campsites, one wonders why they even persist with this architectural style?)

    A rather more contentious objection might be - why place a large Holocaust memorial next to Parliament, in the very focal centre of our state and heritage?

    In other countries this might be considered appropriate, commensurate with their level of historic complicity in that barbarity - e.g. a reminder not to go off the rails again. However, we are not in that position; quite the reverse - decisions in our Parliament and the ensuing great sacrifices by the British nation were ultimately the reason the horror on the continent was defeated and stopped. We have no guilt here, and nor do we have the political systems and heritage that might lead to state tyranny or atrocity of the sort that spawned the Holocaust.

    Personally, I don't see why this monument shouldn't be placed further out from the subjective heart of the nation. Perhaps a corner of Hyde Park, which is becoming a sort of memorial theme park, or, perhaps more appropriately, one of the inner London Parks (Hampstead, Golders Hill, Finsbury, Alexandra et al) where it might be more the focus of community memorial rather than tourist whimsy.
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  2. In the present climate I can see it being a target for ant-Israel graffiti. I understand the Bomber Command memorial is a regular target for peacenicks.
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  3. Is there a big thank you memorial in Tel Aviv to the WW2 Allies?

    Actually a gen question as I don't know - you'd think there would be.
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  4. Having trouble posting link owing to crap wifi, but apparently there is an allied forces memorial. Google should help.
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  5. Bomber Command was vandalised by an EDL supporter.
    Lee Rigby graffiti: Bomber Command memorial vandal jailed
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  6. They thanked the British personally after the war by blowing them up/hanging them and cutting their balls off.
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  7. 1280px-WWII-Memorial-latrun-1.jpg The IDF tankies have one, dunno about a more general memorial.

    Edit to add file and that its at the Armoured Corps Museum in Latrum so not exactly outside the Knesset.
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  8. Since the Blair government it seems we have to apologise, build a monument as a way of appeasement to all and sundry. I'm waiting for a giant concrete potato to be erected in Trafalgar Square in memory of the famines in Ireland.
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  9. Perhaps in Regent's Park just opposite the mosque.
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  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    How many British people died in the Holocaust?
  11. The memorial you are seeking is called the State of Israel.
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  12. A couple at least

    From the channel Islands IIRC
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  13. That's the one I meant. Cheers.
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