Holocaust Memorial Day 2022


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I post this picture every year on Holocaust Memorial Day, which commemorates the millions of victims slaughtered by the Nazis. Today was selected as it's the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army.

There are Israeli F-15s flying over Auschwitz. Fuck you, Nazis.
That flypast took place in 2003.

The F-15s are from IDF, 106 Sqn at Tel Nof AB, near Tel Aviv.
I feel like smashing the c*nt's face in myself but other than the fact he appears to be of colour, do we know anything about him / family / background / citizenship etc?
I think we should reserve judgement about anything other than what he is seen perpetrating in the video.


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And the BBC's weasel worded non-apology for stoking antisemitism by blaming the victims of the bus incident for making anti-Islam comments - which even with my rubbish Hebrew I knew didn't happen, based on the footage BBC had.

My maternal grandmother fled the pogroms but her two sisters, brother and their entire families disappeared into the camps. I never knew any of them of course but as I grew older I realised it probably went some way to explaining my grandmother's personality and certainly, survivor's guilt affected my mother.

I, too, would like to know if there's any context to this or is he just an awful person?
Remember, this is Tennessee we're talking about, bubba,
Scopes Trial ring a bell?
Ding dong. Clarence Darrow.
He also defended Leopold and Loeb. Two vile, nasty pieces of work who murdered a child in order to commit the perfect murder, and demonstrate their intellectual superiority. Darrow’s ploy was not to try and get a not guilty verdict, but to get them spared the gallows.
They were Jewish.
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Today - 27th January 2022 is also the 79th anniversary of the first bomber attack on Germany by the US Eighth Air Force.
Primary target Bremen- Vegesack, but main force attacked Secondary (Wilhelmshaven) due to bad visibility over Primary.

306th - “First Over Germany”
I thought Maus is absolutely brilliant - what a strange mentality, to ban such a work.
America, where nude mice are banned, but every imaginable flavour of porn is ordered enthusiastically online.

I'm re-reading Maus right now. Disturbing but brilliant.
Malaki Thorpe, 18, of Tottenham, north London, was charged with two counts of racially aggravated ABH and possessing an offensive weapon.

Possessing an offensive weapon? Oh, I hope it is a blade or knuckle duster...

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